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    CD collections of Coldplay fans across the world!

    There are many types of Coldplay fans and there are hundreds of ways for us to show our enthusiasm for the band we love! Some build up as many MP3's as possible of every single live performance, rare, b-side etc.. Others stalk the band outside their studio at the bakery (naughty!) And some others show their appreciation on every single Coldplay related website, forum and Facebook page online! The following fans are devoted collectors of every released Coldplay CD whether its in a form of a single, album, film soundtrack or rarity, they will get their hands on it!


    Firstly, we have a fan who I believe is from Germany. Picked this up from a German Facebook group. One of the most impressive collections and almost up to date with the Atlas OST included!




    The next comes from No1CPfan on our community forums (thanks!) who has managed to get hold of a few very rare CD's including the top middle CD which is Morning Becomes Eclectic - live tracks recorded by the band in LA, very rare and sealed! The Japanese CD (bottom left) is the Every Teardrop is a Waterfall Japan promo that includes 2 remix tracks which are only found on that disk!


    Rare collection no1CPfan


    lucascm, another user on our forums treated us to this image of a very well presented collection that is a dream to many Coldplay fans including the collection of Mylo Xyloto comics! Great job!


    Largest collection on Coldplaying forums


    Finally, the award for one of most intriguing Coldplay rare of recent times goes to No1CPfan (again!) who has been adding to his collection further! This is what he had to say about this particular piece which strangely includes no music.




    The X & Y Global Communication Strategy advance promo. If you're like me and you surf the web looking for rare Coldplay CDs you have probably seen this CD selling for anywhere from $100.00 USD to $200.00 USD. When I first saw this CD I thought wow there must be some really cool rare music on this one. I found out there isn't any music at all. A Coldplay CD without music?? So I picked one up anyway.

    This CD contains a PowerPoint presentation that Parlophone put together about the release of X & Y. It's actually pretty cool. Within the presentation there are unseen pictures and information about the band. They cover what areas they were to release the album first. What types of people buy Coldplay music. You can tell the release of X & Y was an important one with this CD and "The Fir Trees Album" pre release.

    Needless to say there aren't many of these CDs floating around. Because of its rareness and what it contains is why it sells at such a high price. Plus the fact that this CD was never intended to fall into our hands. I think it's cool.


    No1CPfan X&Y


    You can have your say to by posting your collection on our forums using the link below no matter the size, its the presentation, enthusiasm and uniqueness that makes a collection special!



    - Marc.

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