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    Chris Martin: "Barack Obama's Election Has Inspired New Songs"

    chrisballoon1.jpgColdplay is such an enormous earner for record label EMI that the company's share price took a beating in the UK when the band delayed the release of its previous album, X&Y. Martin has spoken openly about the pressure that has put on him, but appears to have relaxed about the financial side of the music business, Australia's Herald Sun reports.


    "I tried getting wrapped up in it for a while and really thinking about business, but it really didn't fit as a hat to be wearing," he says. "If people are singing along and our record isn't in the bargain bin, then I don't worry about anything. If I stop at a gas station and our record is free with a can of Coke, then I will start to worry."


    Viva La Vida has only been out a few months and Martin is working on new material, releasing a special edition of the album with eight new songs. Martin has been a strong critic of outgoing US President George W. Bush and said he had been inspired musically by the political changes in the US. He says he has never felt more political than when Barrack Obama was voted into power. "I just feel much more hopeful about things," he says, adding his election had inspired new songs. "The reason why I find Barrack Obama inspiring, not because of what he says, but he is tireless. I just have so much respect for people who never give up and he, to me, is the definition of that."


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