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    Chris Martin Finds New Friends

    chrismartin19022006a.jpgMegaStar says: ‘The grass is always greener, Chris.’


    When Chris Martin gave everyone a scare at last week’s Brit Awards by saying we wouldn’t see Coldplay for a ‘long time’, what he really meant is that he wants to team-up with other artists.


    Sorry about that, Will and er, the other Coldplay lads.


    According to reports, mop-haired Martin is rumoured to be moonlighting with rapper Kanye West, and has guested on a track for Nelly Furtado’s third album Loose.Canadian crooner Nelly, who had a one-hit wonder with I’m Like A Bird and was hailed by Elton John to be the next big thang, promptly disappeared off our music radar.


    But clearly she’s ‘still got it’ because top producer Timbaland is involved in the album project, and it was him who Martin really wanted to work with, so don’t get too big-headed, Nell.


    “I was telling (Martin) what I was up to, and he’s like ‘I love Timbaland. Can I come by?’ But (Timbaland’s) like a big dude and Chris was scared to sit down at the keyboard. I’m like, ‘Chris, sit down. Let’s make some music.’ I’m always the instigator,” she droned to Rolling Stone.


    Meanwhile, in other music news, we hear that Scottish music festival T In The Park has sold out. So that’s nice.


    As previously reported, the line-up on July 8-9 includes, The Who, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kaiser Chiefs, Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, The Ordinary Boys, Sigur Ros, Felix Da Housecat and Slam.


    Source: megastar.co.uk

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