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    Chris Martin Jim'll Fixes It For His Dad

    chrismartin2008a.jpgNow then, now then. Chris Martin has done a bit of Jimmy Saville-style fixing it for his family, according to The Sun today. The Coldplay frontman introduced his dad Anthony to Grease star Olivia Newton John while the band toured Down Under, satisfying a lifetime ambition for his old man.


    Chris said: “When I was a kid my dad would make me listen to Olivia Newton John in the car all the time. He’s always been a massive fan and the main reason he comes on tour with us to Australia is on the off chance she might be there and he’d get to meet her. And for the first time, on this trip, she was and I set up a breakfast for them. My dad said to me afterwards, ‘Son, you made a lifelong dream come true for me’. “That was so cool to hear from him. It may have taken 32 years but I felt so happy and proud.”


    More on this article at the Coldplay forum here onwards.

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