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    Chris Martin on credits for U2's new (FREE) album!

    bono-spent-time-hanging-with-chris-martin-of-coldplayChris Martin features on the credits for U2's new album, which has taken the internet by storm this evening, after being released for free to over 500 million iTunes users. Infact, it will be automatically added onto the library of everyone who has iTunes! Chris was originally pictured in the studios with Bono and The Edge at the start of 2013, when recording U2's 13th LP, believed to be 'Songs of Ascent' at the time.

    U2 in House :) pic.twitter.com/d5cvsjQefw

    — JR (@JRart) June 1, 2013
    The free release of the new U2 album, titled 'Songs of Innocence', has sent shockwaves across the world of music because of the scale of the band's reputation, being one of the biggest bands in the world along with Coldplay. A slightly smaller and similar release was Radiohead's 'pay what you like' with 'In Rainbows', which caused controversy but was seen as a success. Bono was quick to state he believes music should be payed for and stated U2 were paid by Apple for the shock release, presumably with a very large sum. The digital booklet included with the Irish rockers new album gives credit to Chris Martin for his work in the studio with them. Thanks to Coldplayatlas on Twitter for the screenshot.

    Chris Martin is credited for his contributions to the new U2 album. (Thanks @marianodealba) pic.twitter.com/vYglPxJUdZ

    — Atlas Project (@ColdplayAtlas) September 9, 2014
    Our large fanbase of Coldplayer U2 fans have been voicing their opinion on the album and the surprise release. We would like to hear yours too, whether you are a fan or not!

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