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    Chris Martin Snubs Limo; Takes Underground to O2 Concert

    chrisq2008.jpgIf you were on your way to the O2 on Monday night and thought: "That bloke reading the Mirror's 3am column looks vaguely like Chris Martin"- then it probably was!


    Because the Coldplay star decided to snub the chauffeur-driven limo and jump on the Jubilee Line to go to his own gig. He told the Mirror: "I was reading your column on the way here on the Tube. I like getting the Tube sometimes to walk into our own gig. You get charged up from the atmosphere. No one recognised me. I just bought a Mirror and kept my head down and got off with everyone else. But then security stopped me at the door and I had to explain who I was. That was a bit embarrassing."


    Bet they thought you were taking the Chris mate...

    Send a postcard to Coldplay!


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