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    Chris Martin talks about Yoga & Karma at Global Citizen Lecture

    Before Coldplay's outstanding concert at the Global Citizen Festival on Saturday, their frontman attended a talk on a whole range of spiritual subjects, including yoga, karma & tranquility meditation. Chris explained how the latter influences his concentration at live concerts, while we know the singer has been practicing Yoga for a very long time.


    Christa, from our moderating team was in attendance at the New York talk and she gave us a summary of what happened:


    "Ok, so I am going to do this is parts, have to leave for work in 15 minutes and still computing it in my head.


    There were no cameras or videos or cell phones allowed and I go by the rules so sorry no pics or vids


    The lecture was part of a series run by the Rubin Museum Entitled Karma: Cause, Effect, and The Illusion of Fate and this segment had speakers Yoga teacher extraordinaire Eddie Stern, who is known by everyone in NY and in all the yoga circles in the world and then of course there was Chris Martin. We were in a theater that seated about 150 ppl and there was a stage with chairs where they sat. Chris and Eddie came on and they were so comfortable together, so charming and hysterically funny. You forget how tall Chris is. They tried to be serious for a while..... They played so well of each other. Eddie asking Chris questions about his interpretation of his meaning of Karma and Chris was like, you are the expert, am I answering this right? ha! Eddi was always saying yes! perfect!


    Eddie began speaking with the history and meaning of Karma, Cause and Effect and taking responsibility for your Karma. Eddie spoke of Dogma later.

    He also spoke of how there is Karma in Yoga. He asked Chris how/if he uses Yoga and meditation with concerts and Chris said he tries to calm himself before a show and center himself because with all the sound of the crowds you sometimes cannot hear yourself so you need to center yourself before and have quiet and one with yourself so you can be truly there for the audience and others. I am paraphrasing, I was writing in the dark on the back of pieces of paper i found in my handbag, forgot my notebook and I can hardly read my chicken scrawl ughhhh!


    Chris did say jokingly he does yoga in his underpants with Eddie, Eddie looked at him and said, "Chris I do Yoga in my shorts"


    Ok with that, I am off to work next segment up in a few hours!"


    Read about what happened next, on our forum thread

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