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    Chris Martin to the rescue as rodents leave Gwyneth rattled...

    rat.jpgGwyneth Paltrow found a luxurious LA pad in which to escape the rat race - only to discover it was playing host to the pesky blighters, the Mirror writes today. The A-list actress thought she had located a haven for her family and burst into tears when told that the furry vermin had taken up squatters rights there.


    Eek, we'd have run for the Hollywood Hills. Typical of soft-hearted Gwyneth, 36, when she called in pest control she insisted that any rats were gently removed from the property and not harmed in any way. Ahh! She had been left to find a place in LA for summer, when hubby Chris Martin finishes the first leg of Coldplay's world tour.


    He has agreed to look after their children - Apple, four, and three-year-old Moses - while Gwyneth works on Iron Man 2. She thought she had found the ideal home, until one of her advisers saw the rodents in the garden of the empty property.

    A friend of the star tells the Mirror: "Gwyneth wanted everything to be perfect. She was so excited about moving to LA with the family and to be closer to her actress mum, Blythe Danner. It will be the first time in ages that she, Chris and the children will be living together as a family. "But her stomach turned at the thought of rats running around. She didn't want her homecoming ruined by those horrible creatures. She wanted to cancel the contract, but Chris calmed her down. Instead they searched for an expensive rat catcher - not just any old rat catcher. Being an animal lover, Gwyneth didn't want the vermin harmed, just removed."


    The treatment worked and last week Chris and Gwyneth put the finishing touches to their summer retreat. She should count herself lucky - many women find a rat sharing their beds, not just their back gardens...


    Source: Mirror


    Meanwhile, if you don't like rats either, maybe these photos will improve your Coldplay Karma...











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