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    Chris Martin's Loveless Tour

    chrisalig1.jpgChris Martin says the only thing he can't get in America is "laid", MyParkMag report today, in a spin off of The Times article recently published.


    The Coldplay frontman, who is married to actress Gwyneth Paltrow, enjoys touring around the US but misses his wife and English chocolate bars when he is away from home. When asked if there is anything he can get in Britain but not in America, Chris smiled and replied: "Laid. Oh and maybe a Toffee Crisp."


    Chris admits being a global music star can get lonely and he has sometimes considered running away and starting a new life. The rocker added: "There has been a few times when I have been on the Serpentine River in London where I have thought, 'I am going to ditch this pedalo and run away to Brighton'."

    Despite the pitfalls of living in the public spotlight, Chris feels most at home when he is performing live and is dedicated to energetically entertaining his fans. The 31-year-old musician explained to Britain's Times 2 supplement: "I split my trousers for the first time on stage recently. I aspire to ripping my trousers. It shows I am enjoying myself."


    Chris Martin is also reluctant to cook for his family - because his last two attempts have ended in disaster. But Martin admits he is not particularly domesticated and his culinary skills are his biggest failing - because every time he cooks, the fire brigade turns up outside his house. He says, "Last year, in an attempt to impress my family, I tried to cook some fish and peas, but I forgot to turn on the vent. And the thing about our fire alarm is that it's connected to the fire station. So the fire engine comes around, and I was in a panic. I said, 'Guys, I'm sorry. There's no fire'.


    "Then, two months later, I said, 'Right - I'm gonna have another crack at this' - and the same thing happened. Just as I'm running outside, the fire engine pulls up and the fireman says: 'Have you been cooking again, Chris?' So then I had to take a walk because I was a bit shaky. As it happened, the fire engine was going the same way, and they said, 'Do you want a lift?'"


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