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    'Clocks' Voted Fans Favourite From 'A Rush Of Blood To The Head'

    Coldplay's GRAMMY winning track and second single from 'A Rush Of Blood To The Head' has been voted as the fans favourite from said album.


    The Coldplaying.com site wide poll had been running since 21st August and over 1,300 of you voted! 'The Scientist' ran 'Clocks' very close indeed, with 263 votes (20%) but the latter of Coldplay's timeless anthems secured first place, amassing 290 votes (22%).



    Now, a look at how Clocks has evolved over the years, through Coldplay's live performances:


    2003 - The Winning Formula


    The live performance of Clocks was almost identical to the arrangement of the studio version. After all, the single was highly coveted, so why change anything? Clocks, Live in Sydney 2003 was a near perfect performance.



    2006 - The Epic


    As the X&Y era progressed, the live performance length of Clocks increased. Pretty much same old, until the astounding climax, where the award winning track descends into two minutes of madness. Full of pure piano bashing lunacy, and we LOVE it!




    2008 - Glitz and Glamour


    It wasn't a duet we were expecting but Alicia Keys teamed up with Coldplay during their Summer Sonic Japan show, in the Viva La Vida era. Such a Coldplay classic doesn't need another collaborator performing, surely? If anything though, Alicia added to it with her pianist skills. Add a hyper, sweating Chris to the equation and we're talking business!



    2011 - LASERS!


    The addition of the lasers for the Mylo Xyloto era, akin to those uses in the actual music video for Clocks complimented the song extraordinarily well! In the midst of all the fireworks and Xylobands, Coldplay still manage to keep the song simple and true, just like it was back in 2003. Near perfection.



    2014 - Versatility



    Clocks has so many strings to its bow and one of these was the sheer versatility of the song, when performed live. It had conquered stadiums worldwide but how would does it fair in a very intimate environment? Exactly the same! Clocks is a special song indeed and its cemented its place on the live setlist for 13 years. Will it continue to do so? Unless the band 'recharge it's batteries' like they've done with Politik, it won't go away anytime soon.



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