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    Coldplay In Karachi Books 'Non-signing'

    KARACHI: Almost every young person in Karachi laments one thing: we don't host proper music concerts. Madonna will never come here to gyrate her hips at the National Stadium, Coldplay will not sign copies of their biography at Liberty Books and System of a Down would rather go Down Under than make a pit stop at the PACC.


    This is precisely why the Bryan Adams concert on Jan 29 is such a big deal. "The only thing that sucks is that Shehzad Roy is going to open the show," said an ungrateful A'Level student. Aside from that, it promises to be a memorable gig.


    Bryan Adams may not be as big as Madonna or Coldplay but he is a respectable name in the business. I am fond of him because he is a crooner from my days at school and while not all high school students today are big fans, they are still pestering their parents to go. It is not every day that international rock stars come to Karachi.


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