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    [Coldplay Oxfam Blog] St. Paul. MN

    magicballoxfam.jpgIt is cold. My hands are feeling all crinkly. I went outside in a t-shirt earlier and regretted it. We are a long way from the Florida sun that shone on our tour buses a few days ago. The confetti canons have just blown butterflies over a crowd of 14’500.. From where I’m sitting, at the Oxfam stall, I can see a few of them fluttering down, when someone opens the curtain to go through to their seat. When it’s closed, I just see the glow of the lights, in time with Will Champion’s kick pedal foot.


    Our amazing group of volunteers will be back from their amazing seats, any second now. They all sat together behind the mix desk tonight. I’m sure the show, and sound there, was the best anywhere in the arena. Great seats..


    Great effort with the campaigning too. Over 630 more people signed up to find out more about how they can join Oxfam in fighting poverty, and countless more who will maybe see the Oxfam sphere or click a mouse button and read online. Even more great.. is the actions they can all take now - signing a petition to call for health and education for all, or by setting up a college group to become more active in fighting poverty..


    Read the full blog entry at the Oxfam Blog website here

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