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    Coldplay Royce Hall, Los Angeles : Unexpected surprise as the band rock LA!

    Coldplay Royce Hall - Rocking Los Angeles

    Late last night, on Monday 19th May, the day Ghost Stories was released to the rest of the world, Coldplay arrived on stage to perform their last North American date on the Ghost Stories intimate tour. The band performed a re-arranged setlist from previous shows, which saw Ghost Stories being played in full after an array of older songs including the first play since 2002 of A Whisper from A Rush of Blood to The Head and the boys played it as if they have been performing it week in and week out! Speak about being so quick to adapt, its one of the qualities which makes them the band they are today! Below is a fan recorded video of Coldplay rocking with A Whisper 



    The whole setlist started off surprisingly with Atlas which was pictured to originally be on the album during the Sky Arts documentary showing the making of Ghost Stories which was aired yesterday but is not available online as of yet. The joyful Coldplay fans in LA saw the return of The Scientist and many classics followed before the new album was played in full followed by the return of Yellow to finish the encore in style! You can see the setlist below with thanks to setlist.fm!




    Fan reviews


    Many delighted fans took to the Coldplaying forums after the gig to relive the amazing night and the shock of A Whisper been played live!


    By kjones31 on the Coldplaying forums

    The show was fantastic!

    After london grammar who were awesome, the theater slowly started filling up, from up in the balcony I could see where the empty seats were and by the time the show started I would say that at least 60 seats spread through out were not filled, a bunch in the first 8 rows, which is a shame because clearly there were people who really wanted tickets.


    okay so about ten min before the show began two kids ( apple and Moses) came and sat behind the piano, Moses had glow in the dark headphones which he didn't keep on his ears the whole time haha. Can't blame him!


    But holy set list of set lists! They were playing so many amazing songs tonight! With don't panic and a whisper as super delights! The guy next to me was using Wikipedia to figure out songs being played that he clearly didn't know... So first half of the show was an utter delight even with poor Jonny's guitar hiccup in the scientist ( it just didn't want to broadcast sound) the guys all had a smile on there faces and clearly looked to be enjoying themselves. And then the entire ghost stories album was top notch! I agree with what was said earlier about having that same flow throughout the album and when they mix the songs with other album songs it breaks it up a bit too much so playing them all together was a smart move.

    overall a fantastic show and a great venue! Had awesome sound!


    On our way back to the car we stopped to see if we might see an of the guys come out. We saw Phil and waved and then we saw miller was walking out and I asked him to write another blog and he just chuckled and kept walking so who knows if any good will come of it



    Another review by LVI56 on the forums who followed up the short review with pictures from the gig.

    Alright, home and time for a review!


    Regarding empty seats, it was nice to see that by the time Coldplay took the stage, I couldn't see any empty seats.



    Really took everyone by surprise to open how they did. I knew they sound checked A Whisper, but really didn't expect it to be played. It was great! A guy sitting next to me tried to shazam it.

    Atlas <3

    Don't Panic!!

    The Scientist <3

    Yellow, making a comeback!

    And the whole Ghost Stories. I kind of expected that.


    Chris mentioned "ticket shenanigans", probably aware how difficult it was to get a ticket.

    Jon Hopkins "Open Eye Signal" before stage time, sounded great.

    Crowd was great, really into it.

    Also, London Grammar was awesome.

    What a great night!







    Did you see Coldplay live in Los Angeles last night? Please let us know what you think on this forum thread!


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