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    Coldplay set for landmark London shows

    Coldplay set for Landmark shows at the Royal Albert Hall.

    The start of July is almost upon us. Coldplay will be back in their home country, ready for a show of a lifetime! There will be no giant stadia this time around but instead, a very glamorous and intimate venue, inside the Royal Albert Hall. The stage will be 360 degrees, meaning it will be similar to the stage of the Ghost Stories film in LA, albeit all seated and no gaint overhead screens, which was the main reason Coldplay forked out around $4 million back in March. Instead, the classy venue of the Royal Albert Hall will provide for a unique experience which only emphasises Coldplay's intimate approach to this tour.


    Coldplay - Roya Albert Hall

    ^ How the Royal Albert Hall venue will be set up for the upcoming Coldplay show


    We were all familiar with the great ticket rush on June 6th! Tickets were sold out quickly as many Coldplayers faced a long online queue, which never ended for some until the dreaded 'Coldplay tickets have sold out' message loomed large. A number of fans were able to proceed past the waiting screen to buy tickets for the London show, others capitalized through the composure and goodwill of other fans, who posted the sales telephone number on the forums. There were still many fans ticket-less but fast forward many weeks later and the outlook is completely different! Day by day, more Coldplayers have snapped up tickets as ticket scalpers fail in their efforts to make a huge profit from their second ticket, resulting in tickets being cancelled and going back on sale in batches for the determined, never say die Coldplay fans. These batches of tickets are likely to appear on Monday too or even on the day of the show, so a last minute rush to London may be the outcome for some Coldplayers.


    On July 1st, the band will mark their return to London in style, with not only the thousands of delirious Coldplay fans but many Coldplayers listening to the Absolute Radio stream of the Royal Albert Hall show, perhaps in their hotel room in anticipation on the following show on the 2nd July. The fans who are privileged enough to see the first show will be the most likely to hear new material such as Ghost Story or All Your Friends, just released on the A Sky Full of Stars EP in person but don't quote that, it's a more hopeful thought! As a few Coldplayers pointed out, Coldplay are due to play from 21:00 to 22:45, longer than the previous few shows, indicating a long setlist if that schedule proves to be correct.


    Coldplay at Royal Albert Hall - Absolute Radio


    With Coldplayers still on a high from the night before, some will be heading back home, others will be getting ready for their first experience of Coldplay at the Albert Hall for their second and final show on the Wednesday. Around half of our forums (slight exaggeration!) will be going to the 2nd July show, with many Coldplayers buying second tickets from other fans or being able to buy them from Gigsandtours. It will all be one gaint Coldplaying party with our favourite band!. The magnificent event may even spring up a surprise if it will be the last show on the fabulous Ghost Stories tour. Whatever happens, there will be a standing ovation for the best band in the world....




    On the day discussion and info

    Coldplayers will take over London on Tuesday and Wednesday! Be sure to visit the forum threads for each show for the latest information and meet up information! Remember that you can also download Tapatalk on the go for our forums or you can just use the mobile version of our site.


    Coldplay - July 1st - Royal Albert Hall


    Coldplay - July 2nd - Royal Albert Hall


    I am getting ready for the London show on the 2nd with some frontline reporting, its going to be a good one, see you there Coldplayers!

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