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    Coldplay: Shine On [Spin Magazine July 08 Article/New Pictures!]

    New Coldplay article from Spin Magazine, who talk about the new album and Phil Harvey.


    Trampolines, imaginary 16-year-olds, and decisions, decisions, decisions. For the world's biggest band not called U2, there's just no rest for the bleary. An exclusive look behind the scenes of Coldplay's new album.


    In a slightly sketchy part of north London, a cockney blonde whom we'll call Myrtle smokes a cigarette in the driveway of the plain white-fronted former bakery that serves as recording studio, office, and grown-up clubhouse for the members of one of the worlds' biggest bands, Coldplay. Myrtle says she works at the office next door, and when asked if the guys are good neighbors, she hedges.


    "I guess so. They're pretty quiet. Always comin' in and out with guitar cases and such." Raising one eyebrow, she confides, "They say they're musicians -- but you never hear any music comin' from there. Could be selling heroin for all I know. Or maybe they are musicians. I think they're just crap at what they do, is what I think."


    Read the full article here [thanks mimixxx]




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