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    Coldplay Solio Universal Electronics Solar Charger

    Solio, an award-winning, portable hybrid solar charger for mobile electronics devices, is now available in Telstra Shops for $139.


    Solio captures energy from sunlight and stores it within an integrated battery to power mobile phones, PDAs, iPod/mp3 players, digital cameras and portable game consoles. It can also be charged from a mains power supply.


    BES customers include some of the world's best known companies such as Apple and Quiksilver who offer co-branded Solio devices. Coldplay, one of today's most popular bands also released a special edition Solio for the launch of their latest, carbon-neutral album X&Y.The device appeals to the increasing numbers of environmentally-conscious and technology-savvy Australians who want to harness the sun for an endless power supply for their increasingly power hungry mobile devices.


    Solio's internal battery takes between eight and 10 hours of direct sunlight to charge. The included wall adapter takes approximately 5.5 hours. A fully charged Solio will completely charge an average mobile phone or similar powered device at least once. A wide range of brand-specific connectors are available.


    "Australia has the perfect climate to take advantage of solar technology and Solio will now be available in over 200 locations around the country," says Better Energy Systems' Christopher Hornor. "The support from Telstra will make the use of solar energy more accessible and will hopefully allow more people to see the many benefits of plugging into the Aussie sun."


    Source: smarthouse.com.au

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