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    Coldplay To Support Take That? | Knebworth Ruled Out

    chrisq2008.jpgColdplay frontman Chris Martin has said that the band would be happy to open for Take That - but only after some extensive working out.


    Chris revealed on the Coldplay website that the band, who are in the middle of a world tour, randomly started singing the Take That song Back For Good, while in their dressing room waiting to go on stage.


    "We sang the whole thing, word for word, with all the right chords on our piano, without having to learn it or anything. It was great. So I'd like to use this forum, the Coldplay website, to announce that if Take That want us to open for them, we'll do it," he said.

    Chris also hinted that the band will be doing a tour of the UK next year.


    He said: "I have to say, it does feel weird that we haven't been in Britain at all. Over the last week or so, the realisation of that has really hit. But I think next year we'll make up for it. We tried to get Knebworth but it just wasn't possible. So we're having to think of something else. Hopefully we'll be able to announce it soon. And hopefully it's not the same day that Oasis have booked it."


    Source: Metro.co.uk


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