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    Coldplay To Tour South America In March 2009 (Chris Martin Brazilian Interview)

    chrissleep.jpgBack in late July we posted news that Coldplay would be returning to South America for the Viva La Vida tour in March 2009. This news came courtesy of 'Revista Veja', a Brazilian Magazine. The original article has been translated, as follows:


    Viva La Vida topped the charts in 36 countries. Presently, are Coldplay the biggest band?

    Yeah, we're the biggest ones today - but in a very limited sense. Just because U2 and Green Day didn't release any record this year. It's like winning a golf tournament in which Tiger Woods didn't take part. I'd say we're among the ten best bands. But did you know that I don't listen to Coldplay albums? They make me have nightmares.


    You collaborate with Fair Trade, which defends the end of commercial restrictions between poor and rich countries. How do you take part in the project?

    I've been more active. I left Fair Trade aside to dedicate myself to the new Coldplay record, which means that I'm just a silent enthusiast of the organisation. I still believe that this project can reduce poverty in many countries, including Brasil.


    Read the rest of the article in English here [thanks Suzana Fong, Cris_Santos & vagner]



    'Revista Veja', a Brazilian Magazine, interviewed Chris Martin after Coldplay's soundcheck in San Jose in mid July - and promptly gave Latin America fans the news they'd been waiting for since early 2007 - a trip to South America around March 2009.


    Which leaves us all wondering if Coldplay have double-booked Australia and South America by mistake or whether it's part of the same tour leg. Chris Martin spoke to Nova 96.9FM (Sydney radio station) the day before the San Jose show in which Chris said that Coldplay will hopefully tour Australia in February or March next year.


    Australia or South America, or both? We'll wait and see.

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