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    Coldplay top of Google’s new Music Trends Site

    Google launched a new Labs project called Music Trends. The site shows popular songs based on Google Talk data (aggregated from the US, for now – note that Google Talk has been updated to ask for permission to send your data). Google on their help page says:


    When Google Talk users opt in to Music Trends, we’ll capture information about the music they’re listening to from their music player. We then anonymize the information and add each musical vote to our Music Trends page. The more users that are opted in, and the more music they listen to, the more accurately the Music Trends page will reflect the world’s musical tastes.You can select different charts based on music style, like “Blues”, “Folk” or “Heavy Metal.” For example, the current week’s top 5 for “Alternative” is:


    1. Map Of The Problematique by Muse

    2. Fix You by Coldplay

    3. The Eraser by Thom Yorke

    4. Green Eyes by Coldplay

    5. Analyse by Thom Yorke

    Clocks by Coldplay


    Every song and artist is linked and takes you to the respective Google Music page, which shows the song album, lyrics, and a couple of related links (like the artist’s website). And, of course, some Google ads.




    Source: http://blog.outer-court.com

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