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    Coldplay's Best Defense Against Satriani (If I Was Their Lawyer They Would Win)

    joesatriani1.jpgPerhaps you have heard that sore loser Joe Satriani has sued Coldplay, asserting they stole their song "Viva La Vida" from his royal show-offness, writes MusFormation.com.


    Today, Coldplay denied Satch's allegations that they ever would listen to his

    (I mean, these guys hang with Eno, they got no time for guitar masturbation albums, when they could be listening to the guitar solo in "Baby's On Fire"), in a Federal Court. While I think the Players will easily win this case, I have outlined how the Defense could make this court case the first case won solely by YouTube testimony. Follow me to the jump and I will put on my worst fitting suit and make my case!


    With the insane amounts of music that have come out over the years, it is officially impossible to not have some of your works be similar to others. According to the website Top Ten Reviews, in 1965 there were 208 albums released where as in 2008 there were approximately 37,000 albums released. This makes it impossible for some songs to not have similarities to others.


    Read the rest of the case at MusFormation here

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