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    Coldplay's fifth album will be 'ready in two weeks' - but what does this mean for the fans?

    20110526mm28a_1.pngIn between the chaos and excitement of the festival headlining appearances, Coldplay's album will be finished by around the end of July, according to Guy Berryman on Twitter. Guy was quoted as saying, "Only a few more weeks left before we have to finish the album. Exciting. Guy." Add to this the news that Chris Martin had already told Ryan Seacrest that it [LP5] will be done in two weeks, and details revealed in six. Following last week's release of the Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall EP, even fifth member Phil Harvey could not conceal his excitement, proclaiming: "Happy that people are liking major minus and moving to mars on the iTunes EP. I'm impatient to put ALL the music out! PH"


    So what does all this mean in the context of getting the material 'out there'? Do Coldplay have a self-imposed deadline for LP5 or are they under pressure from their record label to deliver? How long after an initial announcement will the album drop? Read on for some of your latest comments in response to Guy's tweet, and check the LP5 sub-forum for more of your discussion. Don't forget that we have a megapoll currently underway at the messageboard where you can vote for the day the LP5 tracklisting is revealed. If nothing else, it keeps the interest up while we wait for more news to be announced...

    "Only a few more weeks left before we have to finish the album. Exciting. Guy." -Guy wrote this on Twitter and one and half weeks ago Chris said Coldplay finished the album in two weeks (meaning next week) Could End date postponed? [thanks coldplay♪♫♪]


    The problem is the high pressure to release the perfect album. So, as roadie said, after all the work for the new record is done there are some suprising but genius ideas of new songs and so on and they consequently change the setlist.... Hope we will have some clear and official statements about SOME things of the new record. Then I won't have a problem to wait until October but at the moment there is just speculatius and THIS is killing me! [thanks Major_Love]


    I wonder if he [Guy] truly meant it was "exciting" or if he was being sarcastic. [thanks NumbersGirl]


    ^Sarcasm or not, the fact remains that the deadline for the album is coming very soon. But just because the album is "finished" doesn't mean there's not more work to do. The release date literally could be months away from the completion of the album. As I said before, the track listing for VLV was announced two months prior to the release. Since the track listing could only be revealed when the album was entirely completed, I would speculate we have more than two months to wait after next week. [thanks kover]


    Guy said there are few weeks left until they HAVE TO finish the album. That probably means that they have to finish it before that deadline EMI/Parlophone has given. If not, album is probably postponed. [thanks Alien Radio]


    I'm done with this. No more checking into Coldplaying.com every 30 minutes hoping for a miracle. Unliked their Fb page (until next weekend), not going to go on their twitter. You won't hear from me at all again until next Saturday. I'm completely cutting myself off from every outlet where news about them breaks. I understand they still have some stuff left to do. But 'a few weeks'? How many is that? Four? Five? They said by the end of '09, then end of '10, and now. Chris said two weeks, a week ago. It's always being pushed back. This new album stuff has become an obsession and a really disappointing/hair-pulling one at that. I almost feel like it's never going to be finished at all. Is a tracklist and album title so much to ask? See everyone a week from now. [thanks Fix42YellowClocks]


    Actually, I would agree with what Alien Radio said. Guy said before they HAVE to finish the album. Have to. Meaning, EMI / Parlophone probably set up a deadline that LP5 had to be finished by (supposedly, whenever Coldplay's albums are delayed, EMI's stock drops). So, theoretically, LP5 could already be finished, or within a week of being finished. [thanks ColdplayingfromKansas]


    Why would a band (that has gone through the amount of trouble that they have to keep things under wraps) routinely play 6 songs off of their LP months in advance of even announcing the tracklisting, much less releasing their album? I would be dumbfounded and angry. With every album comes a multitude of material that didn't find a place on the album and I hope that AT LEAST half of the new live material does NOT make the album. Not because I don't think they are good (I love all the new stuff) but because I don't want to be cheated. They knew that at least three of their festival gigs would be broadcast by major television broadcasters and so there is a multitude of fairly decent quality recordings of 5 out of the 6 new tracks. I would feel cheated as a fan in all honestly.. They get paid for all of their hard work. We pay for their hard work. I would gladly pay for a studio version of each and every one of their new songs but I do not want to have looked forward to this new album for as long as I have just to realise I've already heard it. [thanks Xanderp15]


    ^ I totally agree. Like you, I absolutely love all of the new songs and would happily pay for the studio versions but i really hope that not all of those 6 songs are on the album. Especially if ETIAW is on the album.....i mean, that would really annoy me since we've waited so long. I'm hoping for an album with 12+ songs. also, i don't think was being sarcastic. If he really wanted to show it, he probably would used "..." or an exclamation mark.[thanks connorb]


    I don't change my sensations and fonts.. OCTOBER it's the right month .. but it's time to know something more now... it's from may-june that we expect some concrete details about the new album.. i cant wait anymore.. and i feel it will be a masterpiece as the other albums.. i'm so sure..if it had been useful to their studio work and to release date, i would have chosen an album out now more than these festivals.. there's always time for live shows.. [thanks pipp088]


    More of your comments to follow...!


    New photos of Coldplay - T In The Park festival, Balado, Scotland (9th July, 2011):












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