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    Coldplay's Will Champion on Joe Satriani & Recording Without Chris

    willchampion2008a.jpgOn the eve of Coldplay's Australian tour, drummer Will Champion has come out fighting over allegations the band plagiarised a Joe Satriani tune.


    Coldplay, who are being sued for copyright infringement by the guitar geek, have labelled the accusation as "ridiculous" and "totally unfounded". In an interview with Confidential about their impending Australian tour, Champion was initially reluctant to speak at length about the accusation (no doubt at the behest of the band's lawyers). "I don't really know ... it's crazy that thing," Will hesitated. "It's so far-fetched and ridiculous, but that's about all we can say at the moment. We're waiting to see what's happening but it's frustrating and annoying ... and totally unfounded."


    On the blower from a snow-bound London, the affable tub-thumper did confirm recent rumours about the rockers banning frontman Chris Martin from recent studio sessions with uber producer Brian Eno.


    Read the full article at the Coldplay forum here [thanks mimixxx]

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