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    Concert Riders Of The Rich And Famous: Coldplay et al.

    The Rolling Stones roll into town next week for a couple of shows at the United Center. But it seems the bad boys maybe aren't so bad anymore.


    A contract rider, which spells out just what it takes to host the Stones -- outside of gobs of cash -- was the "featured document'' posted Wednesday on the Internet site thesmokingun.com.


    As the wags at the site put it, Mick Jagger's vices might be limited these days to watching cricket -- promoters are required to provide cable or satellite access to televised matches. "Please find out what channel is showing cricket. That is the channel we need most of all,'' the document states.


    Mick brings his own TV.


    Coldplay: Dressing room must include 48 cold lagers -- "not U.S. beers'' -- six packs of Marlboro Lights and eight pairs of dark cotton socks size 9-11.


    Aerosmith: No alcoholic beverages. No "pressed meats.'' Police escort. "Under no circumstances is the Artist to be delayed arriving or departing from the venue due to traffic.''


    Korn: Two lounges, one smoking, one non-smoking. "Both rooms should have a 'vibe' to them. It should feel like you are walking into a small apartment.'' Bruce Springsteen: Security guard to watch over guitars; raw oats; whey powder.


    Paul McCartney: No furniture made of any animal skin, including leather limousine seats. "Do not provide artificial versions of animal skin or print either.''


    Busta Rhymes: Moet champagne, Kentucky Fried Chicken, ribbed condoms.


    Christina Aguilera: Flintstone chewable vitamins.


    Snoop Dogg: Sony PlayStation with sports game cartridges and four controls. "Please trust that this will be some of the most important money you spend.''


    Jethro Tull: "With the exception of Tuesdays'' no chicken.


    Jennifer Lopez: Dressing room painted white with white flowers, white tablecloths, white drapes, white candles and white couches.


    Dixie Chicks: Six tee-time passes with carts at local par-72 championship-level golf course.


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