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    Davide Rossi Interview: Prospekt's March EP

    coldplaynme.jpgTop violinist Davide Rossi was exclusively interviewed by Coldplayzone.it in which he answers questions on working with Coldplay on their last album 'Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends'. The musician talks also about coming back to the studio, to record the forthcoming Prospekt's March EP.


    Rossi revealed that the EP would contain three songs featuring his Violectra and the EP itself is a quality release, full of fresh and powerful songs. He said in his interview, "In my opinion... the EP is actually on par with ‘Viva La Vida’. Fans should not expect a 'B-sides' album but instead a unique and equally impressive record. As a matter of fact, I actually prefer the EP to the album!'


    The songs where Rossi's electric violin can be heard are Life In Technicolor, Lovers In Japan, Cemeteries Of London, 42, Yes and Strawberry Swing (the chunky bass groove and didgeridoos come a little while after the beginning of the song, is one of the many examples of the sound of his Violectra).


    You can read the full interview, translated into English, here [thanks coldpatrix]

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