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    Denver Preview 2: Denver may be chilly, but Friday night it's Coldplay

    pepsicenterdenver.jpgDENVER - For those of you just joining us from 1999, allow us to introduce you to Coldplay-one of the biggest bands in the world, reports 9News Colorado.


    Their sensitive pop singles are ubiquitous across generational lines, their first three albums sold tens of millions of copies, and the fate of a gigantic record label (Capitol/EMI) is said to pretty much rest in their hands. But what the band really wants, of course, is to be taken seriously as artists.


    "Viva La Vida" is their latest album release which fights the good fight for Coldplay, gently nudging them into new territory without taking any turns sharp enough to jolt the bandwagon. They've mostly shirked the maudlin piano ballads in favor of a style more complicated, more crowded and more cinematic (the opening track is even called "Life in Technicolor"). Famed producer Brian Eno (U2/Talking Heads) joins them here on their slightly quixotic quest to become something more than the sum of their parts.


    Read the full preview article here which also includes some excellent photos courtesy of Metromix.

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