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    [Detroit Preview] Hello, Detroit! 'Vida' track was born here

    chrisballoon1.jpgThey call it Detroit Rock City for a reason.


    As Coldplay brings its mega-tour back to the Palace of Auburn Hills Monday night, it turns out they started coming up with one of the songs on their newest album on an earlier trip here.


    According to a June interview with MTV, the band began plotting "Lost!" during a soundcheck. "We were listening to a song called 'Sing' by Blur, and I think we were in America somewhere... in Detroit, and we were listening to that song in our dressing room. And we went on stage to do a soundcheck, and we were trying to write a song like that, and it's sort of evolved in various ways and has lots of different versions of itself." bassist Guy Berryman said.

    Chris Martin said: That's often how we write, is we listen to something and we think it's incredible, and we feel stupid for not having anything as good as that, so we go and try to play it. And then, of course, because we don't know how to do that, we often come up with something new.


    Wonder what they'll come up with this time around?


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