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    Digital Download Revolution Paves the Way for Independent Music Artists to Thrive

    cds.jpgMusic group Ball in the House recently announced their launch of a digital music store through BurnLounge, the first community-powered digital music service that enables passionate music fans to sell the music they love to friends or like-minded individuals.


    While Ball in the House may not be on a major record label, the Boston-based pop and R&B band has risen above the ranks of professionally-signed chart-toppers, including the Black Eyed Peas, Coldplay, Gorillaz, Kelly Clarkson and James Blunt. Thanks to the emergence of digital music download services such as BurnLounge - on which Ball in the House held the coveted number one position on the BurnLounge Top 10 Chart for two full weeks in March 2006 - independent artists can compete with signed artists on a more level playing field.


    “Digital distribution is the future and we want to be part of this revolution,” said Aaron Loveland of Ball in the House. “Now, our music is as accessible as any major label’s artists.”With sales of digital music generating more than $1.1 billion last year, up from $380 million in 2004 according to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), the Internet has become a hot, new marketing tool for music artists – even more so for indie bands. Independent artists, who usually find themselves lacking a promotional voice in today’s record company-controlled music market, may find their salvation on the World Wide Web.


    According to industry experts, digital music sales will continue to grow and gain momentum, and as it does, so will the chances for independent artists to generate exposure for their music. And as the consumer alters the way they purchase music, the face of the music industry may change as well.


    About Ball in the House:

    Ball in the House is a five-man soul-pop/R&B group from Boston, represented by James Lucente and Kim Venturo of LucKi Entertainment, LLC. With an extensive tour schedule (averaging 250 dates per year), Ball in the House reaches millions of music enthusiasts and is arguably one of the most successful indie bands working today.


    The group has opened for and performed with numerous influential artists, including Gladys Knight, 98°, Jessica Simpson, Blondie, The Temptations, Smokey Robinson and Cher. They are also the creative force and voice talent behind the Cool Whip commercials, which air on national TV and radio.


    Ball in the House’s first radio single, “Something I Don’t Know,” charted for six consecutive weeks in the Top 100 of the national AC Charts, peaking at #17.


    Fans can checkout Ball in the House online at ballinthehouse.com or visit their BurnLounge store at burnlounge.com/ballinthehouse.


    Source: prweb.com

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