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    Dublin Review: Corporate PR and Media Clash Over Coldplay Performance

    magicball15.jpgYou can't have a Dublin concert without having an image of a green magic ball...


    With just a couple of days to Christmas, Coldplay became one of the first bands to play Dublin’s newly revamped Point Depot, report State Ireland. The venue’s rechristening under the corporate banner of the O2 should have been a sign that Coldplay too, are now a huge corporate entity. Having easily sold out two nights in the O2 and with a huge outdoor summer show coming to the capital in 2009, tickets are being touted outside for well over €100 as fans made the long walk down the quays in the drizzling December rain.


    Said State: "We had wanted to bring you a review of the bands performance, lots of audience feedback on the gig and the new venue but sadly, corporate PR companies got in the way. Coldplay are at a stage where they are worth so much money that they have people who enforce rules on the way the media can report their shows. The photographers were ushered into an area, no more than 10 foot by three foot, about 100 metres from the centre of the stage. We could photograph songs 2, 3 and 4 only. Coldplay’s PR company made us sign contracts to hand over all copyright of the pictures to them to exploit as they wish. Not really the sign of a band who are looking for attention at a time when most bands need as much press coverage as possible to survive in a troubled financial time.


    Read the full review article and see some fantastic pictures of Coldplay's latest concert here and watch Coldplay performing Fairytale of New York during the acoustic C-Stage set here [thanks mimixxx]

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