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    Dusseldorf fan reviews (part 2): Coldplay at Esprit Arena (plus more photos)

    magicball10.jpgWe continue with even more comprehensive reviews of Coldplay's concert at the Esprit Arena in Dusseldorf that have been published at the Coldplay Live forum since the concert on Thursday. If you haven't read it yet, we urge you to check out an excellent review by Anna (SueDeNimes), which includes some exclusive pictures from inside the Esprit Arena, which you can view here, and also a review of the new 'Adventures of Kris' in Dusseldorf. Here is part 2 of the Dusseldorf fan reviews...


    So, I'm well-rested but still happy and all excited. I was standing on the right side from the band's view, somewhere between row 5 to 10. That changed a lot, quite funny. The people around me were, well, it could have been better but it was okay. Sometimes, especially during Glass of Water, I felt like being the only one who's singing. It started with the Kilians. I've heard their name before, but none of their songs. They were alright, definitely better than Howling Bells, which I disliked.


    Right from the first note of Magnificant, I was totally nervous. A few minutes later, the lights were switched off and I felt like being in a trance for the next two hours. They were just perfect, marvellous and gigantic. After it was all over, I felt electrified. That's fitting. It was like happiness and incredulity were combined. Very strange. Luckily, I was able to grab a lot of butterflies and also a copy of LRLRL, but I'm not sure whether my sister has a spare...

    The setlist was great, I had doubts because VLVODAAHF is the album which I like least, but these doubts weren't affirmed, it was amazing. My personal favourites were In My Place, LiT ii, LIJ, The Scientist, Politik, Fix You and Cemetries of London. I was kind of surprised that they played Til Kingdom Come, but disappointed and sad about the missing of Speed of Sound. But all in all, it was great and I'm sure I'll never forget this Thursday night [thanks BlueberrySwing]


    Just got back from my little trip to Düsseldorf. I'm tired as hell, so I hope you don't expect me to write a proper review now. Maybe it will follow next week, but I'm not quite sure yet... Most about the concert has been said already anyway... Well, to make it short: What a great night! The boys were just wonderful as always and did an amazing job! I'm also glad I had such an awesome time with all the people I met (Thank you so much again, guys! ). Well, I should say that the organizing at the venue was catastrohpic and that I was rather gutted about it at first, but I decided not to let it ruin my whole concert experience and I tried my very best - and it worked (most of the time). So, now I'm just hoping that these "little" things will work out much better tomorrow in Munich and that the Coldplaying-Karma will be with me... [thanks Ilione]


    Phew, we're finally back at home as well... God it was SO brilliant!! My friend and me had soooo much fun and although we were already exhausted before the concert, we just couldn't stop dancing and jumping. Volunteering for Oxfam was great too, except for the people who said to us that the world is beyond help and it's a waste of time to do something against it and crap like that The other volunteers were impressed though with all the email-addresses (for the Oxfam-newsletter) we've got, so I think we weren't that bad. We were standing in the front row, on Guy's side, we couldn't see a lot of the stage because we're so small and we were too far away for the butterflys, but we had such a great time there anyway. After the concert, we had to wait 5 hours until our train came. We were sitting on the stairs of the arena until we were asked to leave , walked around the building and then went to the central station. And then suddenly I felt really sick. I don't know why, maybe I ate something wrong or it was just the combination of it all, having not enough sleep and food during the day, travelling 5 hours in 5 trains, the exhausting gig... so we had to sleep in a hotel instead of staying up all night, which kinda makes me sad. We met aniskywalker at McDonalds and I really would've liked to stay there listening to her storys about signs and t-shirts and chocolate. Also at McDonalds, a guy came to us and asked us how the concert was, so we told him how much fun we had. And then he said "Oh.. I've been to a Coldplay concert 6 years ago here in Düsseldorf and I wanted to see them again this time, but the tickets are so expensive... but it seems I missed out on something, right?" Oh yes he did! [thanks Jea]


    A small Review of the concert (a little later, however, all the same). We have arrived with 4 people by the train. We were thus about 11am before the arena and have gone to the entrance north-east. There were maybe just 10 people. We start some conversations with some people. What one should make, also whole 6 hours ..^^. Of course it became more full it of the time. All at once everybody has jumped up and has come forwards. It was 4pm although an admittance only at 4pm was (We do not know yet why this happened ). Then around POINT 5pm we walked in. We are running to the entrance to the interior coagulated. However, then the running was forbidden. Then we came one of the first to the damn big arena. It was to be walked quite cool in an empty arena. We have selected a good playce and then we had to wait again 2 hours to the Support Acts started to play. Kilians were quite okay, but Howling Bells... When it went off then, finally, the mood was unbelievable in front! After 10 hours wait, finally, we have got this what we wanted: COLDPLAY The sound very felt also well and the performance of course. Unfortunately, I could not see Chris in "The hardest part": ( The whole concert was perfect. Chris could say even a few things in German. So then at 11pm end was, we are out fast, because we wanted a CD of LRLRL. We have also taken one of it. Luckily we were there by train and this also went very fast. They have gone because at 2 minutes of tact to the CENTRAL STATION And then a great evening draws to a close. [thanks Freddyos]




    More new pictures of Coldplay at Esprit Arena, Dusseldorf, Germany (27th August 2009):




















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