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    Embrace Pleads With National Media To Get To Number One

    This from The Sun (UK) newspaper:


    Embrace frontman Danny McNamara has pleaded with my army of readers to help the band get to No1 tomorrow.


    Yesterday I told you how a cock-up in counting downloads of new single Nature’s Law could mean the boys don’t hit the top of the charts. The band were woken up by panicked text messages from friends who had read Bizarre — and are now doing everything in their power to overhaul NE*YO in the race for the top.


    Someone who will be as pleased as Danny if Embrace get their first ever No1 single will be Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.Danny told me: “Right now, if those lost sales were taken into account, we’d be No1.


    “But we can still do it. We’ve done so many different versions of this song that fans can download and will count towards our chart position.


    “At www.embrace.co.uk you can get live performances, an orchestral rendition, the first ever run-through we did of the song and even a version where all the words are changed as I got self-conscious and started trying to be clever.


    “If Sun readers can download them and make a difference it would be amazing. If we do get to No1 we’ll come into your offices to thank everyone personally. We’ll even take the Bizarre team out for dinner!”


    So come on, everyone — get that single.


    Chris helped launch the band back into the spotlight by penning last year’s comeback track Gravity – a song which moved them out of their day jobs and back into the charts.


    Danny added: "When Chris found out Nature’s Law was No1 in the mid-weeks he phoned me – but couldn’t stop laughing.


    "There’s an answerphone message on my mobile where Chris says ‘Danny, I’ve just got your text about the mid-weeks…’ and there’s a minute of him just laughing before he adds, ‘that’s bloody brilliant news’.


    "The guy can’t control himself – he’s just totally made up for us!"

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