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    Extended video for "Magic" on the way & Zhang Ziyi talks about working with Chris Martin (Article)

    Last Monday, we were treated to the video premiere of Coldplay's 1st single taken from "Ghost Stories", "Magic". Now the directors and Zhang Ziyi, the actress who co-stared alongside Coldplay's Chris Martin in the music video, best known for her roles in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Rush Hour 2 have revealed we will have the privilege of viewing the extended colour version of the music video!


    Firstly, you can view a gallery of the new behind the scene photos of the Magic music video including Chris Martin playing the villain role of Claude, the drunk magician (fooled me at first!). Big thanks go to Gai on our community forums for the sources, nowness.com for the exclusive images and china.org.cn for the Zhang Ziyi interview!


    [soliloquy id=22564]




    Zhang Ziyi spoke to the Southern Metropolis Daily during an interview today Link



    Coldplay songs are my favorites, but I’d never imagined that leading man Chris Martin would also love my movies
    . He invited me and the director is a long time friend of mine, so this is it," Zhang explained about how their collaboration actually materialized. She participated in the video shoot during China's Spring Festival in February in Los Angeles.


    Swedish director Jonas Akerlund's profile includes many videos ranging from Lady Gaga, The Rolling Stones, U2, Robbie Williams to Madonna. Zhang starred in his feature film "Horsemen" in 2009.


    The music video was presented in the form of a black and white silent movie, with Zhang playing the role of a beautiful magician named Cecile.
    Meanwhile, the band’s singer, Martin, plays two roles: that of Cecile's husband and that of famous magician Claude, as well as her assistant, Christoph.
    The video tells the story of how Christoph tries to become a magician himself in order to charm Cecile after realizing how problematic the relationship between the magician and her husband in fact was.


    The video got 3.7 million views within the three days was after being uploaded to Youtube.com.


    The story's creative idea is very unique, depicitng a magician's love
    ," Zhang said, "The filming techniques are not so different from [those used in] a feature film, but doing a feature film is much more exhausting."


    As Zhang remembered, there was so much fun while shooting the video.
    "Chris would have to play two roles, one of which was evil. His evil role is very dramatic so he would get false teeth and nails. He was so into his role, that when his false teeth fell out, funnily enough, he didn't even realize."


    Zhang changes styles nine times in the video, which, she says, are vintage but fashionable. "These are not what I can try out when doing a film, so it's very satisfying."


    As for Zhang's impression of Martin, she said the singer was actually younger than she thought,
    "And he would always thank me during the filming. I think he is an especially grateful man. " Zhang also revealed that people will have the chance to see an extended color version of the music video.


    Please let us know what you think of the new revelations of the extending video on our forums!


    Only 35 days to go now until the new Coldplay album of 2014, "Ghost Stories" is out!

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