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    Fake Coldplay DVD requested on The Fray's concert rider

    Revenue streams in the music industry have drastically changed since the advent of the Internet. Concerts and tours are the main moneymakers for artists and industry professionals alike.


    Concert promoters have more on their plates than ever with ensuring ticket sales, arranging all-ages nights and, of course, promoting. Not only is the pressure on for promoters to deliver sold-out shows, but also to satisfy the needs of artists and CEOs alike. The most laborious task for any promoter is to adhere to the artist’s rider.


    Riders are lists of the artist’s needs in order to perform at a particular venue. Artists are requiring more items and the demands are becoming more and more outrageous. Blake Nightly, a LiveNation concert promoter in Los Angeles, submitted a list of the most absurd items he’s seen on riders in the past few years:


    1. Lil’ Kim - Syrup of Ipecac, bibs and a stand-by physician in case a stomach pump becomes necessary.

    2. Isaac Brock (Modest Mouse) - Bottles of te quila, rum, scotch, bourbon, vodka, gin, whisky, schnapps and triple sec. Plus three packs of Marlboro Reds and an on-call speech therapist.

    3. Raffi - Paper-mache replicas of all of his favorite farm animals and a large, empty room where he can “shake his sillies out.”

    4. Isaac Slade (The Fray) - A cooler filled with Aspen water, Coors Light, Fat Tire and Izze’s. Also a copy of Coldplay’s DVD.

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