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    Fran Healy: Travis Will Never Be Eclipsed By Coldplay

    travis2.jpgTravis tell Craig McLean why their fifth album took so long – and why they won’t be eclipsed by Snow Patrol and Coldplay


    In the strange setting of a Portakabin dressing room in the Californian desert, Travis are pondering their position as Britain’s favourite purveyors of sensitive, uplifting rock. This, arguably, is the sound they invented. But latterly, in the three-and-half years since the release of their last album, it’s been pinched by Snow Patrol. And before that, it was taken, developed and redefined by Coldplay.


    “Travis were the band that invented Coldplay,” Chris Martin said on Radio 1 the other month, “and lots of other bands.” So, as Travis release their fifth album, The Boy With No Name – the first since the edgier but low-selling 12 Memories – I wondered, are they worried about their place?


    “No,” replies singer Fran Healy instantly, ''because I think Travis do something that those bands don’t do. We’re far closer to the heart, there’s something more human. You know what it is? Our songs are smaller. Coldplay and Snow Patrol, they go for the big, massive stadium vibe, and that’s great. I’ve seen them live and when you’re in the audience you go, 'Wow, that’s mega.’ And it is awesome – that full stadium vibe.”


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