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    Gwyneth considers post-baby surgery

    gwyneth8.jpgGwyneth Paltrow is getting worried about what all these babies are doing to her figure and is considering going under the surgeon's knife.


    The wife of Coldplay frontman Chris Martin recently gave birth to the couple's second child and is beginning to notice the effect. She has reportedly complained that her breasts are sore and her stomach is showing the bulge and has been advised by a close pal to undergo post-pregnancy plastic surgery.


    Gwyneth, who had baby Moses by caesarian section four months ago, is also unsure about having any more babies because rearing kids is "such a lot of work".The star of Shallow Hal, when she had to play the part of an enormous girl using a 'fat suit', is now mulling over a trip to New York to get surgery away from the prying eyes of the British press.


    From where we're standing the yoga-loving 33-year-old looks just great, but then who are we to say what's too fat or too thin in Hollywood.


    Source: http://www.inthenews.co.uk

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