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    Hartford Courant: Dissatisfied Coldplay fans gripped by sense of entitlement

    coldplaynme.jpgInteresting article from the Hartford Courant covering the views of those who have recently been to a Coldplay show and thought it was too short:


    The issue of fan entitlement has come up before, but people crabbing about Coldplay's performance last weekend in Hartford suggests it's time for a refresher.


    Some Coldplay adherent are unhappy with just about everything the band did -- or didn't do -- at XL Center last Saturday night: The group didn't play long enough, no one apologized for changing the date of the show from July to August, they didn't finish playing the last 18 seconds of "Hardest Part," they charged too much, they didn't play a proper encore by some standards.


    There's an easy solution to all of that: Stay home. At home, you have total control. You can create your perfect set list on iTunes and listen to it wherever you go on your mp3 player and not pay $8 for a beer.


    Read the full article and let us know what you think here

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