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    Hollywood Today: Chris Martin predicts his death

    chrismartin2008a.jpgPosted on the forums a few days ago, here is a strange article from Hollywood Today focussing on alleged quotes by Chris Martin with respect to dying early and his Jim Morrisson comparisons. A morbid article, just in time for Halloween 2009!


    HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Today) 10/25/09 — "I think I’ll die at 42", Chris Martin says about what he calls his number. Chris would sign his name ‘Jim Morrison‘ on his mails to me. Jim Morrison being the epitome of rock god, excess, mystic poetry as well as my favorite male rock star, who passed away at 27. I like him the way my imagination divies, tho he was a drunk, lewd and weird with his woman, I can overlook it as I didn’t have to really know him.


    There’s no real comparsion between Chris and Jim beyond they are both very good at what they do. Chris signing his name Jim Morrison, was just one of his charms...

    Chris Martin is a king amongst men, playing what he describes as “very heavy soft rock” with his group Coldplay. After touring the world 30 times over, getting married and becoming a father of two, selling some amazing million number of albums, whilst living whats commonly known as “life” in between, he has maintained his integrity, energy and enthusiasm with all them same stars in his eyes. In fact, I am not just impressed with his down to earth, I’m proud of him. I’m proud he has done so well and being that he is apart of MY generation. I’m proud. Sure,rock n roll hearts like a bit of Jim Morrison leather trouser wearers who are on a mystical path of rebel rousing but lets face it, no body can pull that off anymore and we’re done sick of it anyway. We can’t keep birthing and deathing Jim Morrisons. Nope, Chris Martin is our new bred. He’s environmentally conscious, does yoga, and meditates. He’s cool without being addicted to drugs, or being a womanizer, or throwing tv sets out windows. Why you ask? Because he keeps it real and true, sadly that is a lot to ask of the poor soul put on the rock n roll pedistal.


    “(My life) feels like it’s just starting” Chris said at 33 years old. My speculation on his disposition is the combination that he was raised well and also born with a deepened soul. I don’t know about ‘old’ soul because he’s energy is of such as a daydreaming boy, I’d say age 9. He eludes childish excitement. When engaged in conversation his eyes twinkle as if its been the best day of his life. He has always been this way since I first met him in 2001. He seems to know that nothing is exclusive, he knows you can go for it all. I’d say he’d play a mean hand of let’s-be-the-coolest-mother-f*ckers-on-earth. You can have it all without all the cliches of rock n rollers becoming you a narcissist. Its hard not to let it go to your head when it feels so good, just letting the ego ooze like lava. If he had his time with it, he got a harness on it real quick. The only trace of his experience is deep in his eyes when he’s listening, somewhere between his forehead lines and the hint of tired in his brow shows he’s gone far and experienced much.


    Its easy to expose yourself on stage as Morrison once did, its easy to drink yourself to death, to let Coke numb your heart, its a form of check out. Chris isn’t checking out. He is very present. He’s very positive. He’s just starting. In a world of facade and cut throat folks, he’s very, very cool.


    Jim Morrison had came up with the anagram “Mr. Mojo Risin” from the letters of his own name scrambled up. An anagram for Chris Martin’s name is “Smart in Rich”. We hadn’t seen each other in three and a half years until this past July. But sure enough, he sent me a text after wards, signed– Jim Morrisson. Yup, he spelled the name wrong.


    New pictures of Chris Martin at the 2009 Bridge School Benefit in Mountain View, CA (25th October 2009):


























    Pictures by Caroline_Was_Here


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