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    Hong Kong Review: Coldplay comes to AsiaWorld-Expo Center

    magicball3.jpgReviews of yesterday's Coldplay concert in Hong Kong are online; here's one from a Seatleite:


    Last night we had a real treat when we attended a Coldplay concert - part of the group's Viva La Vida tour - at the AsiaWorld-Expo Center in Hong Kong. I have to admit, while I have always enjoyed Coldplay (full disclosure: It is my husband who has bought all of their CDs) I did not quite realize just how big they really are. Or how good.


    Coldplay performed in front of a full house for just over an hour and a half. Chris Martin, the lead singer, is famous for his discomfort around the press, and perhaps because of this, I was surprised at how charismatic and genuine he seemed on stage, even apologizing for not speaking Cantonese or Mandarin (and how great that he knew the difference).

    An engaging performer, Martin danced around the stage and the band members even walked the length of the large auditorium to do a number from the back of the room. The huge arena had five or six large balls hanging from the ceiling that acted as video screens, and during the group's hit song, "Yellow," large confetti filled balloons appeared from nowhere for the crowd to bat around.


    The woman next to me shrieked periodically in pure ecstasy and sang loudly to every song the group performed, giving me a sense of what it must have been like to attend a Beatles concert in 1966. Much to my amusement, she seemed positively baffled (and quiet) when the band sang a campy version of the Monkees' "I'm a Believer."


    The crowd was diverse – with locals and expats of all ages in attendance. After seeing the show it was obvious why: Coldplay offers something for everyone – and one of the best live performances I have ever experienced.


    Source: blog.seattlepi.com

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