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    Houston Review: Coldplay at Toyota Center

    magicball1.jpgBefore last night, Houstonist may have told you, "Eh...they're OK live, but we haven't been blown away" if you'd asked whether or not you should go see the show. But, that was before last night. Although we weren't blown away (think David Bowie at The Woodlands in 2006), we gained a much better appreciation for Coldplay as live entertainers, report the Houstonist.


    The crowd was immediately engaged as the band took the stage playing Life in Technicolor. The energy continued to mount sending a tingle through the arena as Clocks followed shortly after. The music may be a bit mellow at times, but frontman Chris Martin could energize a rock with his dancing and flailing around the stage.


    Martin and guitarist Jonny Buckland mugged for the photographers on the stage right set extension early in the show. Later, the pair were joined by drummer Will Champion and bassist Guy Berryman on the stage left extension for God Put a Smile on Your Face that evoked images of the group playing Rock Band as Champion banged an electronic drum kit and Martin played a small upright piano with Buckland and Berryman crammed in between like teenagers trying to fit between the TV, coffee table and recliner.


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