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    'I.Am.Will.Obsessed' End Sessions Report

    theend.gifMessageboard regular I.Am.Will.Obsessed was lucky enough to win 107.7 The End’s competition to see Coldplay when they visited the station and played some songs. EndSessions is their exclusive series of live performances by national touring acts, recorded in front of an intimate audience of contest winners, which began in 1997. Below is her report.


    It wasn’t everything I expected it to be. We got to talk to the band in groups of 8 and there was this guy rushing us through it all. On top of all that, we weren’t allowed to bring cameras into the rehearsal so I couldn’t even take pics! But I did get all their autographs and a couple of pics with Will and the group. Will was very nice and SO CUTE in person! We actually had a conversation! Wow wow wow…I also got to talk to Jonny and my god, he’s so cute in person also! I had to chase Chris(not literally) and Guy to get their autographs but I GOT THEM! For their rehearsal, they played:



    The Hardest Part


    Acoustic Set:

    Walk The Line



    Finally, Talk…which was a fucking rocking performance of it. Even though Chris forgot some of the words.I completely forgot to bring something for them to sign but this really nice guy there saw how sad I was that I didn’t have anything for Coldplay to sign and I wasn’t allowed to take pics, HE GAVE ME HIS X&Y CD JACKET!!!! I gave him a HUGE hug…Coldplay fans are the best…really…


    Even though I didn’t get to take pics…the station’s pro photographer did so there WILL be some pics coming our way. I just have to wait for them to email them to me! So we didn’t totally come away empty handed, right?


    Gwyneth and Apple were also there…and Apple was rocking it and shaking her bum, especially to The Hardest Part. Gwyneth was dancing with her! Chris personally came up to us and asked us not to take pics of her. He was very sweet and came to talk to us before the rehearsal started. And his hair is WILD!


    And Gwyn…so pregnant and SO tiny…but very beautiful!


    It was a really nice time it just sucked to not be able to take pics. And I didn’t get much of a chance to talk to them at all really…


    That’s all I can remember at the moment…still in shock…but I met them…touched Will…almost asked him for a hug but I thought that would be a bit forward and the scary security guy was staring me down. But Will and I had a nice conversation…and he’s so nice….


    I was trying really hard not to jump on Will…you have no idea…and I had my eyes on him the majority of the time…might’ve freaked him out…


    I didn’t get to say ANYTHING I really wanted to say…sucks….grrr….but Will signed my cd jacket first…and we spoke and…I’m starting to hyperventilate again!


    I don’t quite remember what I spoke to him about! OH! I mentioned coldplaying…his best fans are on there and I was probably the second biggest Will fan on the site. He asked me who was and what my SN was…I just laughed and said he didn’t want to know our names… laugh4.gif It’d scare him…


    And we talked about…er…how much he liked Seattle!


    That’s it…I think…


    Read the full story here

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