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    If I Could Have Dated an Album, Coldplay and I Would Have Been Going Steady

    parachutes1.jpgERICA: Greg and I went to see Coldplay this weekend and I cried. It was an eighth grade, passing notes in class, TLF kind of moment, but I cried nonetheless.


    Five years ago I moved here to NYC from LA and made my way to the east coast with two friends on a crazy cross country trip. We brought a ton of music with us, but wound up basically listening to Coldplay's Parachute album on a constant loop for six days. Some people get super duper sick of an album after that much listening, but I swear if I could have dated an album, Coldplay and I would have been going steady for shizzle. I spent the next six months trying to find a job, an apartment and some friends...and the whole time I continued listening to Coldplay like it was my mission in life. As silly as I feel admitting this, Coldplay sort of got me through it all.I had a really magical moment at the meadowlands this weekend. The band started to play one of my favorite songs from that first album, and it just hit me all at once: How all of the things I was looking for 5 years ago have all managed to find their way to me in spades...every single one of them.


    Dear God or whoever you are,

    Thanks for reminding me that all of this wedding planning BS is about a 10 on a scale of 1-10 of things that are pretty unimportant in life. And also for reminding me how lucky I am to have a wonderful family, a whole new career and to have found such a groovy guy and a cute puppy dog.


    Rock on,



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