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    Joe Satriani vs Coldplay: Court Documents & Audio Links

    joesatriani1.jpgSo British superband of the moment Coldplay is being sued in Los Angeles for plagiarising guitarist Joe Satriani in their hit Viva la Vida. Joe says that the song - also the title of Coldplay’s fourth album “incorporated substantial, original portions of Plaintiff’s composition ‘If I Could Fly‘.”


    Read the actual court document detailing the case against Coldplay here [pdf... right click, save as]


    The court docs were filed last week - 4 December - and so of course, the Internet being the extraordinary global gossip network that it is, the story has swamped a million blogs and newspapers. Joe has done an interview with Music Radar saying that it “felt like a dagger went right through my heart” when he first heard Coldplay’s composition. Following the media frenzy, Coldplay has responded with a note on its website saying “if there are any similarities between our two pieces of music, they are entirely coincidental” and asking that Joe “respectfully accept our assurances” that they didn’t rip him off.


    Read the full article and download all four filings in case CV08-07987 at kierenmccarthy.com here [thanks to Coldplayzone.it for the heads up about the article]

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