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    Jon Hopkins talks about Coldplay ahead of his album release

    insides.jpgJon Hopkins' (Coldplay's friend, collaborator and frequent support act) self-produced third album, Insides, is out today. Here's what Jon had to say on Coldplay as part of the press release:


    I was introduced to Coldplay by Brian Eno at the beginning of 2007 - he asked me to come into their studio for a day to play some keyboards and jam with the band. It went great and we all got on really well, and I ended up being asked back for much of the recording of the album.


    Then when Chris heard my track Light Through The Veins he asked me to open for the band on tour, and also started working on a vocal melody, which was later to become The Escapist. On top of that the instrumental version became the intro to Life In Technicolor. I had always been a fan of the band so this was all pretty surreal and amazing for me, as you might imagine.

    Hopkins opened shows for them all over the US, UK and Japan, playing tracks from his new album "Insides", which contains the original version of Light Through The Veins, plus nine new tracks. At either end of Coldplay's current album, you can hear a snippet of Light Through The Veins which is currently available to download for free from Domino Records.


    Have you heard the track? Let us know what you think in the Coldplay forum here onwards [thanks SueDeNimes]


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