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    Kaiser Chiefs: 'We're Not Scared Of Becoming The New Coldplay'

    rickywilson.jpgKaiser chief frontman Ricky Wilson regrets his high energy performances on stage - as it's the only thing journalists talk about.


    The 'I Predict A Riot' hitmaker is famed for his high jumps at concerts, but can't believe the press make such a big deal about it. He sighs, "People keep asking me to jump. You would be amazed. "Once a television journalist fetched a bin, placed it on its side and asked me to jump over it. "This is what we're up against. This is what Kurt Cobain had to put up with. And what did he do? He blew his head off."


    "We're not scared of becoming the new Coldplay - you just make sure you don't." Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson promises fans the group will stick to their rock roots.

    Ricky Wilson also thinks Radiohead must get miserable just making a cup of tea. The 'Everyday I Love You Less and Less' singer says his band makes cheerful songs because they are happy, and though he is a fan of Radiohead, he thinks they must be tortured souls.


    Ricky said: "I don't think there's anything wrong with the Radiohead way of doing things. They probably torture themselves over making a cup of tea. And they end up making amazing cups of tea. But there are different ways of making cups of tea, aren't there? We love the taste of Radiohead's tea."

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