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    Kansas City Preview: When cool gets Martinized

    chrisballoon1.jpgChris Martin, Coldplay frontman, husband of Gwyneth Paltrow, father of Moses and Apple, is letting other members do interviews these days. This summer, around the time “Vida la Vida” was released, he did tell the Los Angeles Times some secrets to his success, reports kansascity.com.


    “Like millions of people in the world, I can’t listen to Coldplay,” Martin said with a daft wink. “But my reason is professional. You see, I’m always thinking about the next thing. I’m also always looking for something that will inspire the next thing. Look, we’re the one band we can’t plagiarize. So really there’s no point in me listening to it. If I think, ‘Well, that’s good,’ then I’ll want to use it, which won’t work. And if I think, ‘Hey, that’s terrible,’ then I’ll be depressed over breakfast. It’s a classic lose-lose situation.”


    If nothing else, Martin has been the first one to pick on himself and his earnest image. “We’ve never been about being cool, and we never will be. And I think in a way that’s quite cool. But I can’t think about it too much — because if you think about it then you automatically aren’t cool. Wait, I’ve gone too far. I’m not cool. Again.”

    No matter what, he knows the band won’t win over a certain constituency that, frankly, has detested it too much and for too long to start listening now. Jon Pareles of the New York Times once called it the “most insufferable band of the decade,” which might say less about the band and more about how fashionable it has become to slag it. Martin said it’s because he wears his heart on his sleeve when he sings.


    “If you allow yourself to be vulnerable in your music, people will feel it a lot more,” Martin said. “But a lot more people will also hate it or mock it. It’s almost like a deal with the devil, but I’m happy to take that deal. It doesn’t feel right to me to sing about stuff I don’t believe in.”


    You can discuss this article and tonight's show in the Kansas City live thread here.



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