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    Karaoke beating: She couldn't say why she was so "Yellow"

    The man allegedly attacked for singing Coldplay at a Wallingford bar is still dumbfounded, and the woman who was arrested claims she doesn't remember the attack.


    The story of the 30-year-old karaoke singer – who wanted to be known only by his first name, Chris – made the Internet rounds after P-I reporter Hector Castro detailed the alleged attack that happed just past 1 a.m. Thursday. Police say a 21-year-old woman couldn't stand the song "Yellow" and went after the would-be crooner, telling him that he and the song "sucked."


    Chris told P-I reporter Casey McNerthney that he went to the bar with a few friends after sushi and even danced with his alleged attacker earlier in the night. "But she was really, really aggressive, throwing me around," he said. "I just walked away."


    One of Chris' buddies requested Coldplay's "Yellow," and the friends started to sing in front of the crowd. "Usually it takes a lot of alcohol to get me up there," said Chris, a karaoke irregular. "But I thought it would be fun."

    Chris said his buddy retreated as the woman heckled them during the song's opening. But he continued as a solo act. "Before I even got three words out she started freaking out," recalled Chris, who said the woman never actually hit him. "I said, 'Girl, you need to leave.'"


    The woman, Lindsey Lawrence, finally left in handcuffs after police say she hit a bartender twice and head-butted an off-duty police officer several times. Bar notes show she was only served one drink - a shot of Jägermeister.


    Casey visited Lawrence in the King County Jail Saturday. But the woman told him she didn't remember much of her time at the bar. And she didn't look like a "little, hippie chick," as witnesses reported Thursday. She had two black eyes, arm bruises visible around the cuffs of her orange prison uniform, and answered questions either with short sentences or mumbling. "I remember watching people sing karaoke," said Lawrence, a 5-foot-8 woman still in obvious pain. "And then the cops kicked my ass."


    She was unaware that her story had been circulating the Internet, and had one question when Casey told her all about it: "What was he singing?"


    She smiled hearing it was a Coldplay song. Casey pressed her: "Is the song "Yellow" associated with a bad relationship? Do you hate the band? Is there a haunting memory with the color?"


    "I don't know," she repeated, often avoiding eye contact. She didn't say much else, other than to ask Casey to e-mail a copy of the original article. But she wasn't sure where he could have sent it.


    "I'm not used to this whole jail thing," she told him.




    Source: http://blog.seattlepi.nwsource.com

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