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    L.A.-based Quartet About To Explode

    The clock ticks, the countdown has begun and the Ruse is ready to explode.


    Comfortably resting on the cusp of national acclaim, this L.A.-based quartet outfits a sound so shattering it will fracture the spine of the American music scene. Original yet familiar, structured yet erratic, the Ruse is more than just a band — it’s a phenomenon waiting to take the country by storm.


    Unconfined to any specific genre or style, the group is most reminiscent of an Americanized version of U2 or Coldplay — and, much like Coldplay, the Ruse crafts a mind-numbing sound by penetrating a haunting mentality into its music. But unlike the band’s British counterparts, the Americans provoke such a state of emotional unrest in a rather elevating manner. Imagine contemplating suicide via a karaoke machine. Their sound is so deep, so introspective, yet always edging toward effervescence.


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