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    Latest fan reviews of Matt McGinn's new book - 'Roadie: My Life on the Road with Coldplay'

    roadiemcginn.jpgMore fan reviews of Coldplay roadie Matt McGinn's new book are now available online as Coldplayers finish reading their copies. The very latest discussion on the book release is at the Coldplay forum now. Thanks to everyone who has read and reviewed the book. If you want to be in with a chance of your review appearing on the main page all you have to do is write a fairly sizeable review and post it in that thread. Here are the most recent reviews...


    I had a reading marathon last night. I wasn't feeling well so I went to bed early and then I made the mistake to continue reading with the book and just.couldn't.stop. Matt has a great ability to describe things from his perspective and makes you feel like you were actually there. It's cute to read he's a person who is "star-struck" easily and I loved all the little addressings to the reader like "for you anoraks still reading" etc. Matt leads you so well through time from the beginnings in a small van to the big machinery that Coldplay is now. The description of his typical day and of what has gone wrong wasn't boring it all!!! There's a story involving a cameraman which felt like the description of a movie's action scene! (It isn't life or death - but close). Oh and all his comparisons to movies made me smile more than once. What he writes is never boring and even the Glossary is soooooo funny! [thanks SueDeNimes]

    20100701-roadie-book-250.jpgHey Everyone...kind of new to the forum but wanted to share my excitement. After getting an emailing saying my book wasn't coming till June 4th I got home from work today to find it sitting by my door!! Needless to say any plans i had were quickly thrown out the window and i have just had a marathon read of the book for the last 3 hours...It is great! A wonderful portrait of the life of a roadie inside the craziness that is Coldplay. And Guy's photography is wonderful!!! So worth every penny! [thanks atheis2783]


    Finished it yesterday. One word: BRILLIANT! Like everybody said, it's not a book about Coldplay but about a man who's deep passion for music has bring him where he is now: at Jonny Buckland's side. The book, thanks to Matt's talent for funny storytelling, describes well the up and downs of a roadie life and you really feel like you're with him backstage. Of course, from now and then, you have anecdotes about the band (which most of the time are as funny as touching). The book ends on the last show in Wembley, which bring me back there. Thanks Matt, you almost make me cry! Add on the this great pics from Bez and Milly and you have a MUST HAVE book for any coldplay fan or just music lovers. GREAT JOB MATT and THANK YOU! [thanks a-chan]


    Hey all, I read my two weeks ago and literally finished it within a day. I said to myself I wouldnt do it and save it for my holiday but I caved. As that has all ready been mentioned this isn't a story about coldplay it is a story about Matt McGinns journey with coldplay. How in such a small space of time a band can become so big and how it affects those around them. I dont want to ruin it for any1 but it is certainly a book of laughs and you can all but picture some of the things that happen within the coldplay group. Its an emotional ending with the story of wembley and being there myself made me appreciate this anymore. This book is a must have for any aspiring roadie or coldplay fan. You do get little snippets into coldplay but just enough to have you wanting more. I think this is a good thing as it doesn't dish the dirt on the coldplay journey but rather let you have a peak inside without being too pervy about coldplay and allowing them to still have some privacy! cheers! [thanks cleeson7]


    I started reading this yesterday afternoon and finished it last night. I really wanted to make it last a few days but I just couldn't put it down!! I thought it was a witty, charming, funny, entertaining read covering all the things it needed to. There was obviously Coldplay references but for the main part it was mostly about Matt's experiences over the years. Also, some of the captions below the pictures were quite funny too. [thanks karenc]


    mcginn.jpgI finished reading mine. And as people said its not a book about Coldplay, ok there are some parts about the feelings between them, but its mostly about how amazing Mr. Matt's job is. I really liked it. Almost made me cry in some parts. I think that people should read it, especially if they're Coldplay fans or just music fans in general who want to know more about how one band actually works. [thanks lndnsky]


    I received my book yesterday and finished reading it earlier today, and I loved it! There were definitely some very funny parts. It also had some parts that weren't so interesting but nevertheless kept me reading. I loved how he just wrote how he would speak and didn't make it all proper. The part where Guy and Chris argue during their rehearsal had me all tense at first but then got me laughing. I never knew Guy and Chris were the fighting type towards each other. I was also outraged when some American guy threw a cd at Chris. But loved how Chris, Will, Jonny,and Guy kept going and didn't give in. It really makes me proud to be a fan of Coldplay and see that they didn't let things like that get in their way. It was nice to see a view of the band from an insider rather than just on the outside. You also get a good sense of what exactly a roadie does, and how tedious the job can be. Two thumbs up to Matt McGinn and all the other roadies and staff who make every concert possible! Without them, a proper show couldn't go on. [thanks iduran20]


    I just finished the book. Aww, the fact that I heard them play at Wembley Stadium 19/09/09 made the ending extra emotional. I miss that time. He didn't get his geography quite right, when he referred to the concert in Denmark being in Silkeborg, instead of Herning. Really good book. It was very entertaining to read as Matt McGinn has some funny lines, writes in a free language and tone and includes some pretty hilarious scenarios. It's a good mixture of serious things and everyday-roadie-jokes-and-fun. The book is personal and seems to get all around with many aspects of the life of a roadie. Some things I didn't understand because my English isn't advanced enough, but it's generally easy to get the meaning, I think. It's very much about being a roadie as the title implies, rather than about Coldplay, though, you get some good insights in their shows, how they work in the studio and other previously unheard/unread stories, which make the book a must-read for Coldplay fans. [thanks Clocks In My Place]


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