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    London fan reviews (part 2): Coldplay reach end of gruelling tour schedule at Wembley

    magicball7.jpgAs Coldplayers who attended the Wembley shows return home, more comprehensive fan reviews of the two shows continue to be posted at the Coldplay Live forum. Here is the second part of the Wembley fan reviews, focusing on the early reviews posted of the Coldplay concert on Saturday 19th September:


    I’ve waited SO long and endured many miles to make it to Wembley and write this review, my first but one of Coldplaying’s last reviews for their concert threads, so I was very eager to get inside. I turned to be the first person to take a seat in my section as the usher had so kindly noted to me. And I looked forward to giving a not-as-common re-“view from the top” specifically section 510 – way at the back of the stadium…or as Chris put it last night “People in another time zone”.


    I know a lot of the reviews for concerts (or at least it seems to me ) are of people at the floor level (which I imagine is an incredible experience! – being among the energy of so many in such close proximity to the band and being able to see what goes on with them on the side stage). But I was SO pleasantly surprised and just as energized from my, as you’d say in America, “nosebleed section”…which was ever so slightly to the right of center but gave an excellent overview of the massive stagework...

    I think someone in one of the other threads from Friday’s show mentioned something about bad sound in the back of Wembley but I couldn’t disagree more. Maybe I’m not a sound expert so don’t notice the difference but it sounded great last night to me–so dear future Wembley concert-goers, no need to shy away from the back section, for sound travels and travel well it did indeed. Oh and having my binoculars handy made it an even MORE lovely experience…enable me to get close-ups through the big-screens, which don’t seem that huge from my back but are intensely magnified marvelously with the binoculars.


    But in general, as corny as it sounds, I think everyone felt intimate with the band even if you were miles away. I actually didn’t realize how far it was until Chris said he couldn’t hear the screaming response to his shout-out to those way in the back of the top. The concert I went to before this one was in a smaller venue but last night felt far more intimate than that place…perhaps because of the emotions attached to this particular concert being the final one.


    As I sat down and panned the stadium, you could feel the anticipation in the air. The backdrop music ironically sounded like something you’d hear at the end of a movie when the credits start to roll…at least it felt that way to me But perhaps putting such music on at the start of the concert symbolized the beginning of the” end”...the end of this particular chapter for Coldplay and its family of fans. Soon enough, the White Lies took the stage at about twenty past 5. It was my first time hearing them live and I must say they deserve all the credit…hearing bands just from their studio albums really doesn’t do justice….there is a lot lost I believe. All of Coldplay’s critics just haven’t witnessed the magic of their live sound. So perhaps the White Lies are a budding “Coldplay” type band – in terms of the very humble, self-deprecating posture they seemed to carry during their set. But they sounded amazing and I certainly checked out their music when I got home. I think I agree that the sound system wasn’t the best for the music of Girls Aloud. I’m not too keen on the all-girl pop group types..but I appreciated their enthusiasm , love for and pride in what they do which is what Coldplay are about and what they probably like about Girls Aloud as well enough to invite them to open. But Jay-Z certainly brought the house down for me…definitely did his job of warming up the crowd for Coldplay as he said. He is an extraordinary talent and I felt honored to hear him live for the first time…and felt an extra bond with him being originally from NY myself and as images of the NYC night sky line appeared in the backdrop of his song ‘Empire State of Mind’. I think Coldplay always try to bring an eclectic musical mix on board the concert thru the different-genres of the opening acts…creating a music “festival-esque” setting…giving people a bigger bang for their pound I’d say.


    Finally came the last intermission between acts and that familiar final classical piece just before the boys’ silhouettes appeared to the sound of ‘Life in Technicolor’ holding their sparkling lights. It was immediately followed by the roaring sounds of ‘Violet Hill’ and ‘Clocks’ and the anthemic feel of ‘In My Place’ and of course “Yellow”. I must say I looked forward to seeing how Chris interacts with his fellow Londoners in his hometown and he certainly showed a special bond...making an especially special reference to the British show “The X-Factor”. Simon Cowell’s classic most deprecating and high-praise remarks from the show were used to judge the singing of the crowd for ‘Yellow’…which in general I think is what Chris loves the most – just having a big sing-along


    Every song seemed to a carry an extra stretch perhaps cuz the boys knew that it was the last time they would be playing that particular song for awhile after last night. Every single song took my heart but the ones that stood out to everyone seemed were all of the usual suspects – ‘Viva La Vida’ and the incredible sing-along and n’sync hand wave movement of the crowd on the floor. Right before the song, it was cute how Chris jumbled part of a line in ‘The Hardest Part’ and gloriously admitted to it, singing about it right in the song with the lyrics changed to something like ’Oh I tried to sing but kept messing up on everything…that was the hardest part~…” Lost featured JayZ and as always, was incredible to witness the collaboration of two different ends of the musical spectrum. When the boys made their way to the tiny stage among the crowd for their usual acoustic set (sans Simon Pegg this time), it was refreshing to hear ‘Trouble’ after the few years of its absence. The beautiful mobile phone Mexican wave led us into the Billie Jean cover..which was awesome~..really got the crowd singing…bringing the memory of the greatness that is Michael Jackson. And oh how I LOVE the butterfly rain in ‘Lovers in Japan’…that song always leaves my heart feeling so smiley and dreamy. After the boys left the stage on a high from “Death and All His Friends”…they changed outfits and returned for the beautifully sad “The Scientist” and one of my very mega-favorites ‘Life in Technicolor II”. When the last note was played to end the song, I was in bit of disbelief that this was officially over. I’d expected more words from Chris as well for this grand finale but he gave his usual, ever-so grateful and humble outro and met instead with the rest of his band. Perhaps it hadn’t hit the band yet as well, that this was really the end.


    It is the end of era …the ‘Viva’ era of Coldplay, an emotionally extraordinary moment for all of us as summed up by the final heartfelt ‘post-concert’ huddle of Chris, Jonny, Guy, Will AND Phil on stage…and those devoted fans who stayed behind to witness it. Even in the midst of the massive tube mess, particulary Wembley Park station, the spirit of the Viva tour was felt as the huge crowd waiting to be allowed to get onto the station platform started singing the ”Ooh-Ooh-ah- oh-oh” chant from ‘Viva la Vida’ while they waited - I think the band, and Chris especially, would’ve been so proud to hear the echoes of the chanting in the distance…I believe they always will...until the next tour. [thanks Lovers in NYC]




    Of the four UK Coldplay shows I've seen (the others being Earl's Court in 2005 and two at the 02 last December) it was definitely the best. The atmosphere at the front (surrounded by fellow Coldplayers) was incredible, and the camaraderie both before, during and after the show was incredible. The collective singing along to "Viva La Vida" and "Violet Hill" was amazing. It was a bit like being at a top football match where you are able to stand (unfortunately pretty much impossible in the UK now) but ten times better. I certainly don't think I've experienced anything like that before, although the O2 gigs were excellent for that too (on a smaller level). However, I thought both the shows I saw in Duesseldorf and Cologne last year were better (and more unique) in terms of quality and in terms of the interaction between Chris and the crowd. I know some who were at the Paris gig thought the same about that too.


    Saying that, I was impressed with the new Wembley Stadium and I would be more than happy to attend another concert there one day. I also had a fantastic time visiting the London Coldplay sights with a few of the other Coldplayers on Friday. As far as Coldplay concerts are concerned, the interaction with fellow Coldplayers has become every bit as important as the shows themselves, perhaps even more so. Incidentally, for the record, I thought White Lies were pretty good, Girls Aloud were a joke and Jay-Z did a good job at warming up the crowd, even though I didn't like his entire set. It was also a show highlight when Jay-Z came on-stage to perform "Lost". [thanks mc_squared]




    Okayss I'm back in Finland! I'm totally exhausted, I've slept alltogether like 8 hours during the last two nights, but still extremely happy! So I met Linda (lindam) at Victoria at around 5am and we headed for Wembley! We totally tought that there would've been long queues allready when we got there at around 6.30 and we also thought there would be only two queues, so we were kind of shocked when we got there and there was almost no one there! Thank god there was Mariana, Zemy and Chelsea there to help us and we joined them on the H&J queue after wondering for a bit. Queueing was so fun! I met a lot of colplaying people and they were all really nice and ofc so exited! The queues were suprisingly short for a long time! Anyways before we got in it was SO HOT outside! The sun was shining like crazy and I had to put my viva jacket and scarf on too so that I'd get through the bag check faster..It was so crazy right before we got in! we were let closer to the H gate and people were pushing like crazy! Then one of the guards screamed something like "READY SET GO!!" and we ran for our lives! Me and Linda got through the gates and the bag check like REALLY fast and then we started running down the stairs with me screaming to the girl in front of us to go faster and Linda running with her broken leg.. Well I got FRONT ROW!!! SERIOUSLY!! I never even dreamed I'd get there at Wembley! and there were some girls next to me in the front row who were there just to see Jay-Z and when Jay-Z was done, they gave their places to Linda and some other coldplay fan..(they left after Jay-Z had been on Lost+..).


    Anyways! White Lies were so great again and I think they should have played longer. I did not like GA at all! But then Jay-Z was THE BOMB! He totally owned the place! After Jay I was all the time waiting for U2, but instead they played Oasis Live Forever and that was so cool, because I love that song! I was singing along so loud! Then came Give It 2 Me and I could just feel the exitement in the crowd and I was already panicking I even saw a little bit of the dancing roadie Then came the waltz and I really can't remember anything about that! I was so exited then! I just remember one roadie coming right in front of us to make us clap and stuff. Then the lights went out! I think I'm being too particular so I'm just gonna tone it down a little bit My favourite songs were..Violet Hill, Fix You, Yellow (tho I the balloons didn't come to tha front at all), Trouble, LIJ, DAAHF and ofc the amazing LITii! All songs were perfect and I'm very happy as it is, thought I really would've wanted to have something extra..but I'm definately not complaining! Chris' voice sounded kinda sick for example when he was talking about the X-Factior, but still as I saw it, they were all in a REALLY good mood yesterday, I could see Guy just looking around the stadium and smiling REALLY wide! (he was right in front of me) And Chris was jumping and spinning around A LOT! at one point he went to the very side of the stage (jonnys side) and spun for like atleast a minute and it was really funny when he stopped and couldn't walk straight It was so cool when he said something like "All the way to the back, everyone say 'Fucking awesome!'" And when he screw up THP and was like "not again!"..The mexican wave was brilliant (tho it didn't work so well as in smaller stadiums) and I thought that Billie Jean sounded somehow a lot better then at Stockholm! I loved it that they played Trouble, because last time I heard Green Eyes..


    I have so much to say, I can't even remember it all anymore! Oh and before they went to play the techno set, Chris changed his shirt ont he stage! (I demand that pic!) That reminds me, that the guys next to me were really funny! they were like on a hardcore party-mode all the time and when it started raining REALLY hard, they took their shirts off and partied even more. There was a camera right in front of us and right in front of the other first row coldplayers, so I'm really hoping for a dvd and that they'll show the crowd, because then we might be on it At least during Fix You the camera in front of us shot us all the time! We had a sign that said "SHIVER?" because we really wanted to hear it, and after DAAHF Guy read it and his face went like "hell no!" you know I'm pretty sure Chris read it too, and made an approving face..or maybe it was just my interpretation..We also had two finnish flags that said Finland Coldplay, but the pen that we made the heart with was NOT waterproof, so when it started raining, the heart spread and now the white part of the flag is pink and it only says Finland Coldplay.


    I just still can't believe I saw them at Wembley, and at that close distance! Chris was clearly on a loving mood, he kept bumping into Jonny and Guy and stuff and they all seemed very happy! I'm glad that the last show of the tour went so well, it was just phenomenol! But of course I'm bummed about that the tour is over.. Maybe I have to go to Jerusalem. Oh and when we were leaving the stadium, people kept singing oohohohooohoh all over the place! In the halls of the stadium, in the tube line, in the tube etc, it was really cool! And I love the Wembley poster and I'm so happy I bought it. And I thought the concert was also organized very well! The bathrooms were great and we got a much water as we needed at the front and earplugs too! But I don't know how it was on the other areas. I just want to thank you all the coldplayers for the company and it was REALLY nice meeting you all! [thanks johkujii]




    Photos of Coldplay at Wembley stadium, London, UK (18th September 2009):






















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