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    London Review 4: Coldplay, The O2, Greenwich (****)

    magicball7.jpgReviews are still coming in over Coldplay's recent concerts at London's O2 Arena. Here's one from News Shopper Online:


    Coldplay have been churning out hits for what seems like an age, so it’s easy to forget just how talented they really are until you see them live in concert. The first time I saw the band perform six years ago was a rather muted affair, with Chris Martin spending most of the time glued to the piano and very little spent on production.


    But when the lights came up on The O2 stage, the rock band even your mother likes seemed to have found a cache of dynamite, shoved it up their bums and lit the fuse. Lead singer Chris Martin’s exuberance was infectious, bouncing across the stage like a five-year-old on Christmas morning, and belting out favourites such as In My Place and Clocks. Fans did their best impression of an X-Factor entrant, singing as the band performed their breakthrough hit Yellow, while giant yellow balloons floated down from the ceiling showering fans with gold confetti when they burst. Other surprises came when Martin and drummer Will Champion climbed up into the back of the audience to play with Shaun of the Dead comedian Simon Pegg on the harmonica.


    Read the full review article here

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