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    Mink Tipped To Pip Coldplay's 'Talk' To Dance Play Chart No.1

    coldplaytalk1.jpgOn the brink of topping the American Billboard Hot Dance Play Chart today is Mink, who is in the number two slot followed only by Coldplay's "Talk."


    Other than the fact that Mink had enjoyed airplay in Japan, where she debuted, little had been known of her. However, the newcomer's song "Glory of Life" is one of the most played songs on the U.S. club scene. It turns out, though, that Mink is a 22-year-old Korean. She is currently signed with Japan's recording powerhouse Avex Trax.


    According to a press release issued by Avex and distributed by local SM Entertainment Tuesday, Mink went to Japan in her early teens to study and landed a contract with Avex, one of the world's largest independent record labels in the world, after she sent in a demo tape.As Japan's top dance record company throughout the 1990s, Avex is responsible for producing some of J-pop's most popular singers like Amuro Namie.


    Mink stands for "Made In Korea." "I thought that it would be nice to see people become happy from listening to the songs I sing," she said as the reason why she decided to pursue a career as a singer. Aside from listening to music, she also enjoys playing online games.


    An animal lover, Mink also said she would like to involve herself in the animal rights movement.


    Mink is set to release her second single "4 Love" on April 19.


    "Eternal Love," one of the tracks on this album, is the title song of the soon-to-premier Japanese movie "Gamera." It's English version will also be released internationally, although a date has yet to be set.


    Billboard magazine's Hot Dance Club Play Chart is a compilation of the most popular songs playing in U.S. dance clubs. It is issued weekly by the magazine, based on playlists submitted by club DJs.


    Source: times.hankooki.com

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